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You can join INSPIREus in our mission to provide accessible resources and opportunities for every student by becoming part of our leadership team. Start a chapter in your community, where you will establish and lead your own branch of the program, or apply to join our board of directors and spearhead organization-wide projects. Here, you will be part of a team of like-minded students passionate about STEM and initiating change.

Learn more and apply to become a chapter leader or director below!

Chapter Leader

As a chapter leader, you will have the opportunity to:
1. Start a school or community program, such as a club, that aligns with our mission.
2. Lead planning and volunteer meetings to work on projects and prepare for events.
3. Host outreach events in your community, such as camps, events, competitions, and fundraisers.
4. Participate in INSPIREus' all-chapter leadership meetings to work with us and share ideas.
5. Create chapter progress reports and share news on our website or social media.
6. Host fundraisers for the S.T.A.R. fund. (Chapters can also apply for funding through us.)

7. Apply to become a director in an area of your interest.


1. Apply

Fill out the chapter leader application form by following the button below. 

2. First Steps 

After we review your application, we will send you a checklist of steps and all the information you will need to get started. You'll learn what the role of chapter leader entails and the responsibilities that come with the position. We will also set up a call with you to field your questions and suggestions, explain how you'll proceed with the checklist, and discuss any further leadership roles in the you are interested in. After this, you will have been accepted an official chapter leader; your name, photo, and bio will go up on our website.

3. Begin Planning

To complete the starter checklist, you will need to connect with your community to host programs and events. This includes starting a club at a local school or community organization, connecting with middle schools to establish educational programs, inviting others, and spreading the word. Your team will work together to plan initiatives and get in touch with others.

4. Kick it Off!

Launch your planned initiatives at local schools, organizations, and community centers. Begin growing your program in your community and having fun making a difference.

5. Keep in Touch

As a member of INSPIREus' leadership team, you will become part a of a team of like-minded peers who will work with you to come up with original ideas, grow your program, and motivate you throughout the process. All our chapters submit weekly progress reports detailing the week's meeting(s), what was accomplished, and future plans. You will also get the opportunity to participate in INSPIREus' leadership meetings to discuss the direction our organization will take in the future.

One chapter can have up to three leaders. Please work together to fill out the application. If the chapter is approved, all leaders will be accepted.

Become a Director

Director positions are open to chapter leaders, as well as all other students not previously affiliated with INSPIREus. If you are interested in leading an initiative in your area, we encourage you to also apply for a chapter!​

As a director, you will have the opportunity to:
1. Join INSPIREus' core leadership team and become part of our organization's foundation.

2. Contribute your passions and talents to work with us towards furthering our mission.

3. Develop and spearhead projects that you are passionate about.
4. Participate in organization-wide leadership meetings and discuss ideas.

5. Collaborate with and become part of a network of like-minded students.


Director of Media and Marketing

The Director of Media manages our website and social media presence. Projects include establishing social media accounts, curating content, advertising events and programs, engaging with the community, and managing website updates, content, and SEO.

Director of Communications and Publicity

The Director of Communications and Publicity connects INSPIREus with the community and spreads the word about our initiative. Projects include promoting events through flyers, emails, and advertisements, managing newsletters, posting schedules, and drafting communication templates for chapter leaders to reference. 

Director of Outreach

The Director of Outreach spearheads INSPIREus' growth by establishing collaborations with other organizations and finding sponsorships. They will develop connections with organizations and companies, pitch events and programs, organize initiatives and all-chapter projects, and work with chapters on outreach.

Director of Finances

The Director of Finances allows INSPIREus to function smoothly by managing finances. They will apply for grants and funding, oversee sponsorships and donations, organize fundraising initiatives, create financial reports, and manage budgeting.

Project Directors

Project Director positions offer ongoing opportunities to propose and direct large-scale or long-term projects, ranging anywhere from organizing an annual event to creating an INSPIREus news blog to setting up a new internship program. If a project is approved, Project Directors will have the opportunity to collaborate with the entire core leadership team to plan, promote, and realize their initiative. 

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