INSPIREus partners with local middle schools and organizations to present our educational programs. We aim to provide access to inspiring STEM opportunities through engaging lessons and hands-on activities in science and engineering. Each of these lessons is centered around our program's overarching skills, which provide a solid foundation in science and engineering. These include guest presentations, demonstrations, field trips, and opportunities to explore possible careers in STEM. Middle school students involved in our programs will also have access to individual mentoring in order to help them succeed academically and in their outside interests.


Participating in our educational program is a valuable learning experience for our high school members, who will work to implement these programs. They will get experience developing lessons and activities, work with motivated students, and expand their leadership skills. 

  • Virtual Design Challenge
    Projects due May 1, Event Showcase May 15
    Event link will be sent to participants.
    Free, open to all middle and high school students.
  • Virtual STEM Series
    Saturdays Apr 24 – June 12 (3:00 or 12:00)
    Zoom event
    Join us on Saturdays as we explore topics inside of STEM through fun activities!
  • Session 8: Heat Transfer
    April 2020
    Location TBD
    Students will learn about the basic principles of heat transfer. They will be guided through designing and conducting their own experiment evaluating the effectiveness of salt on lowering the freezing point of ice cream.
  • Session 7: Cell Membranes and Diffusion
    March 2020
    Location TBD
    Students will explore the topics of diffusion and tonicity through a cucumber osmosis lab as well as the basics of cell membrane structure and function.
  • Session 6: Aerodynamics
    February 2020
    Location TBD
    Students will learn about the basic principles of aerodynamics, as well as design and test different paper airplanes to understand the attributes that help them to fly successfully.
  • Session 5: pH (Acids & Bases)
    January 2020
    Location TBD
    Students will learn about the basic function and underlying scientific principles of the pH scale and perform a basic volcano lab with a variety of acids and bases.
  • Session 4: Flower anatomy
    December 2020 (TBD)
    Location TBD
    Students will dissect flowers in order to study plant anatomy and the purpose of flower structures. They will research the method of fertilization used among a specific plant species, presenting it in a creative format. Lastly, we will cover how plants spread their seeds in order to reproduce.
  • Session 3: Physics (Inertia and Velocity)
    November 2020
    Location TBD
    Students will design and conduct their own experiments on the effect of different volumes of water on the success of bottle flipping, then learn about the physics behind this phenomenon.
  • Session 2: Genetics and Gene Expression
    October 2020
    Location TBD
    Students will explore the structure and function of DNA and perform a lab to extract DNA from strawberries. In addition, we will cover how genes in DNA are expressed to produce proteins.
  • Session 1: Egg Drop
    September 2020
    Location TBD
    Students will go through the process of designing and testing a device that can protect a raw egg when dropped.